A peek behind the scenes

Holding Hope:
For 60 years

About the documentary

Lifeline has answered more than 23 million calls over the past 60 years.

Growing from humble beginnings to become a service recognised across the globe, Lifeline's history and legacy are explored in this intimate documentary directed by Genevieve Bailey.

A true reflection of the collective determination, commitment, resilience, growth, and compassion that has shaped Lifeline, this film features a range of voices who have contributed in diverse ways. From CEO to Patron, researcher to volunteer crisis support workers, and a brave and honest help seeker, each speaks about an aspect of Lifeline’s rich history and enormous capacity to change and save lives.

Holding Hope is an inspiring compilation of personal stories and recollections reflecting on how Lifeline has unlocked the power of what we bring to people's lives when we simply listen.

Directed and Produced by Genevieve Bailey.

Presented by Lifeline Australia and Proud Mother Pictures.

Ways to get involved

Thanks to the unwavering support of the Australian people, Lifeline is able to celebrate 60 years of service to people in times of crisis. The generosity that you provide helps us be there for those who need us and equip communities across Australia to be suicide safe. Explore the ways you can participate in our celebrations and help Lifeline continue its important work for another 60 years and beyond.